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Art Workshop Experience Summer

Age 12-18
Cost $338 - $485
Program type Summer
Meets One Week Sessions, Monday Through Friday From 9 Am Until 3 Pm
Contact us Form: Http://Artworkshopexperience.Com/Contact/
Deadline Rolling

Art Workshop Experience Summer


We give young artists the opportunity to make art that isn't compromised by space limitations or a time frame.


Students get to try new art forms and mediums such as, graffiti art, painting, print-making and sewing during summer.

Want to make art every day, all day for a week or more? Ever wonder what found-object art or installation means? Make your first mosaic or linocut. Design your signature bag. Go outside and discover graffiti art or take some photos of classic DUMBO architecture.

If you had an idea that you really wanted to express but didn’t know how or where, Art Workshop Experience Summer is the perfect place to create. We’re all about trying new things, cultivating traditional things and perfecting your own thing. Students have various work stations to choose from: work tables, walls, easels, floor space, a sewing table and an imagination area to relax and think.

Painting – Acrylic on Canvas, Watercolor on Paper, Aerosol, Outdoor Study
Sculpture – Clay, Wire, Found Object, Plaster, Alternative Materials
Fabric Art – Sewing and Needle Work
Collage – All Materials
Print-Making – Linoleum, New Materials, Mono Prints
Mosaics – Tile, other Materials
Video – Group and Individual Projects (summer program)
Drawing – Pencil, Charcoal, Pastels, Markers
Graffiti and Mural Art (summer program)
Digital Photography (summer program)
Installation Art (summer program)

How to apply

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