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Age 14-18
Program type In School
Meets Three Days During The Spring And Three Days During The Summer, Four Days Throughout The School Year


To inspire and equip underserved students with the skills in computing, leadership, and professionalism needed to thrive in the Internet economy and beyond.


Our project-based training provides students with entrepreneurial and leadership skills they can carry into college and the workforce. C/I’s programs work through a cohesive methodology that gives students the necessary hard skills needed for tomorrow’s tech careers, provides a safe environment where they can test their skills without the fear of failure or ridicule, and releases them into the work force to gain the experience of working in today’s top technology companies.

Code/Interactive trains teachers to deliver Introduction to Web Development, an overview of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using self-directed computer science education modules. Participating schools gain a robust curriculum, technology, teaching materials, tech office visits trips, summer internships, and ongoing professional development.

Professional development is three days during the spring and three days during the summer
Focus on content mastery, project development, and student strategies

Professional Development is five days during the summer
Focus on group work strategies and familiarity with strategies to introduce inquiry, equity, and CS concepts
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Professional development is five days during the summer and four days throughout the school year
Focus on foundational concepts of computer science, computing and technology’s impact the world, and developing programs that solve personally relevant problems.
As’s official Professional Learning Partner, we utilize their curriculum: Computer Science Principles.


Participating Schools, 2015-2016 Include: Bronx Academy Of Software Engineering, Bronx Center For Science And Mathematics, Bronx Engineering And Technology Academy, Bronx International High School. Brooklyn Ascend Charter High School, Ms 442: Carroll Gardens School For Innovation, Democracy Prep Charter High School, Democracy Prep Harlem High School, Discovery High School, East Bronx Academy For The Future, Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, Fordham High School For The Arts, High School Of Hospitality And Tourism, High School Of Hospitality And Management, Hyde Leadership Charter School, Juan Morel Campos Secondary School, Kappa International High School Urban Assembly School For Global Commerce, Urban Assembly School For Media Studies, South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School

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