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Community-Word Project is a New York City based 501(c)(3) arts-in-education organization that inspires children in underserved communities to read, interpret and respond to their world and to become active citizens through collaborative arts residencies and teacher training programs.


Multi-disciplinary, arts-integrated curriculum provides alternative learning strategies for writing and creative expression. Community-Word Project establishes Collaborative Arts Residencies in New York City Title I schools, after-schools, and public libraries to bring professional writers and artists to underserved classrooms and provide kids with a unique and stimulating arts-integrated curriculum. Our Teaching Artists work alongside classroom teachers and after-school leaders to integrate creative and critical thinking skills through the arts.

CWP offers multi-disciplinary arts curriculum, often delivering the only educational exposure these children have to art, music, movement and creative writing. In accessing alternative learning channels, kids discover their personal passion, strengthen their voices, and engage in learning.

Two Professional Teaching Artists Per Classroom
A writer is paired with a visual artist, musician, photographer, dancer or theater artist to teach weekly during a 15-30 week residency. Our Teaching Artists collaborate with classroom teachers to plan and integrate the arts and Common Core curriculum, which spans grades 1-12.

Interdisciplinary Arts Programming
Poetry and creative writing are central to our program, but our pedagogy is interdisciplinary to access various learning styles and expose students to a variety of art forms. Students write poems both individually and collectively while exploring music, dance and visual media as outlets of creative expression. Our aim is to help children to discover their unique voices, to unleash their passion to be heard, and to lead and be respected among peers and the community.

6:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
CWP places two Teaching Artist interns to apprentice and support the residency and to facilitate various group projects and the class mural. The combination of classroom teacher, Teaching Artists and interns creates a 6:1 student/teacher ratio.

Improved Literacy
CWP heightens a student's ability to critique literary devices, make inferences about texts, and articulate ideas. Students become stronger readers and writers by developing their individual and collective voices.

Student Leadership
CWP curriculum enables students to engage their peers by leading group opening and closing rituals, reading their work aloud, and guiding culminating events.

Emotional Intelligence
CWP students recognize and articulate strong emotions, identifying precise language to understand and express feelings.

Critical Thinking
CWP students examine each other’s work and use analysis and reflection as part of their creative and learning processes.

Student Citizenship
CWP encourages students to work together to build strong communities among classmates.

Cultural Awareness
CWP students become aware of their communities and the needs of people of diverse backgrounds.

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