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At E3Sports, we create injury prevention and performance training programming for athletes, teach early childhood development classes at schools, and recruit certified coaches to lead sports teams. For more information, please click on our services links above or learn more below.


E3Sports offers the programs below:

Morning Drop Off
Not only is breakfast the most important meal of the day, but proper movement is also essential to creating the foundation for a successful day. Before classes begin, our coaches work with students arriving to school early to encourage smart eating habits and playing fun games incorporating both cognitive and motor skill development. The Morning-Drop Off program is the ultimate resource in having an alert student body ready to tackle the day.

Recess Enrichment
According to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE), “all elementary school children should be provided with at least one daily period of recess of at least 20 minutes in length.” Recess during the school day is an essential part of supporting a physical education curriculum. Several national organizations support school recess as an integral component of a child’s physical, social, and academic development.
Our holistic approach not only focuses students with a routine brief daily warm-up, but also provides organized “free play” model, which promotes structure in a way that contributes to the decrease of bullying and playground injuries. Additionally, our all-inclusive approach provides a safe space for even the most shy child to feel comfortable interacting in organized games. Our unique program design can be adapted for all grades in any setting. We also provide an active solution to those indoor recess days when the weather is less than cooperative or space is limited.

After School
If you have a student population looking for extra opportunities to participate in fun and positive activities, E3Sports offers a wide variety of After-School programs perfect for your school. Programs can be very broad and incorporate multiple sports or focused on a specific sport/activity, depending upon the needs and interests of your students. Starting as young as Pre-K, program design can be adapted throughout the school year to reflect seasonal sports and provide diversity in options.

Family Nights
In an effort to support schools with increasing parent/guardian engagement in the school community, E3Sports can organize a Family Night program, specifically designed for evenings when families are available to spend quality active time together. Popular Family Night themes include “Mother/Daughter” or “Father/Son” fitness classes, but any type of group activity or games could easily be utilized. The goal is to create a safe space for children to share their education with their families and work towards a healthier school community.


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