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Age 14-18
Cost Free
Program type After School
Meets Participants Of This Program Will Meet Twice A Week, On Tuesdays And Thursdays, From 4-6pm From March 1st – April 19th, 2016.
Contact us Trc@Cbwchc.Org
Deadline Feb. 26, 2017


The mission of the Teen Resource Center (TRC) is to provide information and support to the Asian American youth population through health education, programs & activities, and referrals.


Create the next viral video that can bring the positive changes you want to see. From writing to producing, you can be part of a team to turn your ideas into reality with the guidance of professional filmmakers and TRC staff. Join our 7-week TRC Productions program on Tuesdays and Thursdays to create empowering videos that will highlight your voice and serve a purpose. You will learn the basics of filmmaking and meet new friends!

The program consists of the following components:
• Working with a professional filmmaker to develop filmmaking skills
• Basic filmmaking (screenwriting, shooting, casting, directing, film editing)
• Develop team building and communication skills
• Producing videos to empower teens and inform your community


High School Students