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Youth Leadership Council, Dsny

  • NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY)
Cost Free
Program type After School, Summer
Contact us Ko'sullivan@Dsny.Nyc.Gov
Deadline March 30, 2017

Youth Leadership Council, Dsny


NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY), Bureau of Recycling & Sustainability, Schools Unit The Schools Unit at DSNY’s Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability (BRS), is looking to set up a Youth Leadership Council (YLC) to provide feedback, insight, and ideas on our outreach efforts, training materials, giveaways, website, social media and contests. We are interested in working with the YLC to focus especially on our brand-new social media platform and awards, Zero Waste Schools,

Launched in November 2016, DSNY along with their partners, has developed a new interactive Zero Waste Schools website:

In addition to hosting the re-branded Golden Apple Awards, the ZWS website will be a central location for all things relating to zero waste and sustainability in schools. The website will promote the ZWS program and incentivize competition among schools through social media, contests, and student and teacher-generated content.

The ZWS website is a safe online community where students can share their accomplishments, projects, and ideas with the rest of the New York City school community.

New ZWS Contests & Awards
Launching on the ZWS website in April 2017, new interactive versions of DSNY’s Golden Apple Awards, now called the Zero Waste Schools Awards, hope to capture the interests and attention of our students through the use of our own social media platform. Contests will have requirements for participation and creation of content on the ZWS website.