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Age 14-21
Cost Free
Program type Year Round, After School, Summer
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese
Gender M
Contact us Info@Bcny.Org
Deadline Sept. 18, 2017


To empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community


BCNY provides a wide array of academic support programs for boys of all ages with different learning styles.

SAT Prep: The Standardized Assessment Test (SAT) Prep program focuses on increasing students’ test scores.

Tutoring: BCNY offers individual and small group tutoring to all age levels in math and English language arts (ELA). or older teen members, tutoring incorporates Regents test preparation.

STEAM: STEAM programming focuses on connecting members with real world applications of technology, design, and scientific concepts. STEAM projects include building circuit boards, creating robots, participating in dissections, conducting experiments, exploring engineering and math principles, 3-D design and printing, and computer game design.

Homework Help: Gives members a space for quiet study, access to resources, and an opportunity to work independently with the assistance and support of staff to complete their daily assignments.


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