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Bluestamp Engineering: 2-Week Program

Age 14-18
Cost $1,750, Financial Aid Available
Program type Summer
Meets June 26 – July 7*; July 3 – July 14*; July 10 - July 21; July 17 - July 28; July 24 – August 4 Times: Choose Morning (8:30a-1:00p) Or Afternoon (12:30p - 5:00p) Session
Contact us Info@Bluestampengineering.Com
Deadline Rolling

Bluestamp Engineering: 2-Week Program


To instill real world technical proficiency to high school students by building engineering projects they are passionate about


As an alternative to our full 6-week program, BSE also offers a 2-week introductory program in all of its cities. This 2-week program is intended to provide students with basic project building skills.

Similar to the 6-week program, 2-week students will select which projects they want to build and document them individually. The key difference between the 6-week and 2-week program is the level of project complexity. 2-week students are given project options that are simpler to design.

In the 2-week program, students will build 1 kit-based project of their choice (voice changer, light organ, LED lighting displays, persistence of vision devices, etc.) and 1 project from scratch. The latter project will be less challenging than students in the full 6-week program, but is still chosen by the student and built from concept to prototype. Example projects include weather tracking devices, solar powered speakers, LED jump ropes, Geiger counters (radiation detection instrument), etc. BSE staff will work with students prior to the start of the program to select projects of interest. Students will begin building the projects within the first hour of their first day after receiving training from BSE Staff.

2-week students will attend the same location as the 6-week program students and partake in all technical discussions with BSE staff, guest presentations, and other BSE activities. 2-week students will also have the opportunity to create their own page on the BSE website to showcase their projects. For further information, please feel free to contact us at:

Dates: June 26 – July 7*; July 3 – July 14*; July 10 - July 21; July 17 - July 28; July 24 – August 4 (* Due to the July 4th holiday, 2-week students during this time will attend one double session to account for the missed day.)
Times: Choose morning (8:30a-1:00p) OR afternoon (12:30p - 5:00p) session
Location: Ramaz Upper School (78th St. & Park Ave.), New York, NY 10075
Class size: ~10-14 students/session, with ~1:3 instructor-to-student ratio"


Motivated Students Of All Skill Levels, Including Beginners, Are Invited To Apply.

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