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Age 14-21
Cost Free
Program type Year Round, After School, Summer
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese
Gender M
Contact us Info@Bcny.Org
Deadline Sept. 18, 2017


To empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community


BCNY’s Career Prep help members practice these life skills both in the clubhouses and beyond through real-world job experiences.

Project Coach participants use sports to engage and connect with younger members as they learn to play soccer, basketball, and flag football.

Peace Leaders is a training program that offers teens the opportunity to learn about peer counseling and dispute mediation.

Teen Ambassadors serve as outreach representatives for the Teen Centers. Teens participating in the training program learn about peer-to-peer communication and peer outreach through workshops and weekly outings focused on recruiting new members to the Teen Center.

The Teen Tutors training program gives teen members the skills to work as mentors and tutors to explorers.


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