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Age 14-18
Cost $1000. Scholarships Are Available
Program type Weekend, Summer
Meets Sept. 23-24 & Sept. 30-Oct. 1
Contact us Info@Codenow.Org
Deadline Sept. 29, 2017


We teach underrepresented youth to code. By collaborating with companies and professional developers, we introduce students to a world of creation, technology, and future possibilities.


CodeNow provides support and resources to students who are interested in developing their programming skills. Our workshops are held on the weekend at local tech companies, where students receive instruction from industry leading software engineers in small groups. Students build games and apps using the programming language Ruby.

Before stepping into a CodeNow workshop, students gain exposure to basic programming concepts through assigned pre-workshop activities. The “prework” helps students begin to think “like a programmer” through fun and engaging exercises.

The learning doesn't stop once the workshop end. Students who complete the workshop are also invited to our alumni network, where they can connect, share, and learn with other fellow alumni.


High School Students (Grades 9 To 12) Who Have Not Previously Attended A Codenow Workshop Are Eligible To Apply. For Codenow’S Summer Workshops, Students Must Be Entering Grades 9 To 12 In The Fall.