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Age 15-19
Cost Free
Program type After School, Summer
Meets 6 Weeks, 2 Hours Per Day After School; Then A Two-Month Paid Internship
Languages None
Specific needs

At risk, low income

Contact us Brianlewis@Exaltyouth.Org
Deadline Rolling


We elevate expectations of personal success for youth ages 15-19 who’ve been involved in the criminal justice system.


Exalt caters to youths who’ve been involved in the criminal justice system. We are sensitive to their desire for change while acknowledging the barriers they face. We seek to equip youth with a foundation for long-term behavioral change through a structured, supportive program.

Our proprietary curriculum weaves important historical, social, and economic context with tangible skill development to make content relevant and applicable for students.

The first component of our rigorous program is an intensive six week class that meets two hours per day after school.

Students then transition into two-month, paid internships in which they practice putting their skills into action while being exposed to new environments, people and career paths.

Post-internship, program participants return for additional teaching to focus on adaptive application of the skills, information and experience they’ve gained, as they pursue education and employment goals.


We Only Serve Court-Involved Youth. In Addition, Some Of Our Key Criteria Are: Youth Must Be Enrolled In School Or An Educational Program Or Be Willing To Enroll In Order To Participate (In Which Case Exalt Will Assist With This Process). We Do Not Accept Youth Who Have Already Obtained A Hs Diploma. We Do Not Not Serve Youth Who Have Received Or Are Receiving Any Employment/Job Readiness Preparation/Programs. Candidate Must Have A Social Security Number.