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Age 14-18
Cost Free - $695
Program type Summer, After School
Meets Meets Six Days A Week, Year Round
Contact us Info@Rownewyork.Org
Deadline Sept. 28, 2017


Through the discipline of rowing and rigorous academic support, Row New York transforms the lives of New Yorkers, regardless of background or ability.


Row New York’s Empowerment through Rowing and Academics (ERA) Program for high schoolers meets six days a week year-round, providing more than 1,000 hours of athletic training and comprehensive academic support annually. Each young person’s commitment to the team is rewarded with personalized coaching and tutoring that leads to improved strength, fitness, self-confidence, and academic success.

The team travels together to 10 to 15 regattas each year, and learns the values of tenacity, teamwork, and responsibility to self and others. In addition to competitive success on the water, our juniors and seniors have a keen focus on college readiness and admission, assisted every step of the way by our stellar academic team.


For 9th Through 12th Graders. Fees Are Based On Your Household Income And Location. They Range From Free For Households With Income Levels From $0-$99,999 To $695 For Households With Income Levels Of $200k+