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Age 13-19
Cost Free
Program type After School,Weekday,Summer
Meets Spring In The Making Courses Meet Tuesdays Or Thursdays For Ten Weeks In A Row, Starting In Feb. Summer In The Making Courses Meet Tuesdays, Wednesdays And Thursdays For Six Weeks In A Row, Starting In July.
Contact us Momateens@Moma.Org
Deadline June 1, 2018


We provide a wide range of free, hands-on arts programming for NYC teens.


In the Making provides free, hands-on, experimental studio art courses to NYC high school students from all 5 boroughs. No previous art making experience necessary!

In the Making
Free Art Courses for Teens

Applications Due May 29

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Please note that In the Making is open to NYC high school students, ages 13-19. Residents of NYC’s 5 boroughs only. Middle school and college students are not eligible to apply.


Go Big or Go Home!
Large-Scale Sculpture with No Limits
Tue, Wed, Thu, 10:00AM—1:00PM

From the Egyptian pyramids to massive American billboards, humans have always been fascinated with larger-than-life scale. But at a moment when everything seems to be programmed to fit in our pockets, on our screens and into our tiny NYC apartments, what does it mean to create massive, space-filling, towering things? Taught by artist Rotem Linial, this course will explore the unapologetically colossal, messy and over the top ways that artists can use space and dimension to express themselves in giant and in-your-face ways. Using traditional and unconventional materials to make statements that take up space, we’ll try and answer the question-- what does a whisper sound like when it’s blasted through stadium speakers?

The Pleasure Principle
Paintings that Fight Back Against Depression + Distress
Tue, Wed, Thu, 10:00AM—1:00PM
The darkest times have always called upon artists to pave the way towards freedom, truth and pleasure. In this class, led by artist Sophie Grant, we will experiment with the medium of painting to create artworks that are full of life and possibility! Beyond the joy of moving paint around, we’ll experiment with materials such as glitter, beads, sequins, our own bodies, and processes such as collage, transfers, performance, dyeing, embroidery, and mosaics. From hippie culture to disco, cults, meditation, psychedelic experiences, and more-- we’ll draw on our society’s fascination with rituals and celebrations that bring us closer to the trippy and timeless desire we crave!

Whose World is This?
Exploring Storytelling and Community through Clay
Tue, Wed, Thu, 2:00pm—5:00pm
Sculptures can tell stories. Not just the stories that we see on the surface, but stories about the culture, context and community behind the artwork. What happens when humans work together to create new narratives that imagine how our society and community could be? Led by artist Shellyne Rodriguez, participants in this hands-on sculpture course will create characters and construct environments using clay and coiling techniques. We will explore physical forms, current fashions, outdoor spaces, neighborhoods, and more as we create our own worlds out of clay!

Boom Bap Cinema
Making Video + Audio Production on the Go
Tue, Wed, Thu, 2:00PM—5:00PM
Sometimes filmmaking can’t be contained within a set or a studio. Sometimes music moves us in a way that extends far beyond our physical realm. In this digital art course, run by multimedia artist Ali Santana, participants will experiment with a variety of storytelling techniques using video editing and music production software to craft a series of audio/visual collages. Using transportable recording devices, the group will explore the city streets and bring back raw materials to mix, loop, stretch, scratch, chop, and reassemble into intricate and electrifying artworks. No prior experience is necessary—if you’ve ever filmed a video on a phone you’re already qualified to start telling stories, sampling sounds, and remixing your experiences into something amazing.

The summer 2018 season will run from July 10- August 16, culminating with a Teen Art Show at MoMA.

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Applicants Must Be Between The Ages Of 13-19 And Living In One Of Nyc's 5 Boroughs. Middle School And College Students Are Not Eligible To Apply. Late Applications And Incomplete Applications Will Not Be Considered. Spring In The Making Courses Meet Tuesdays Or Thursdays For Ten Weeks In A Row. Students Must Be Available To Attend Every Session In Order To Remain Enrolled. Summer In The Making Courses Meet On Tuesdays, Wednesdays And Thursdays, In The Morning Or Afternoon, For 6 Weeks In A Row. Students Must Be Available To Attend Every Session In Order To Remain Enrolled.