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Age 11-15
Cost Pay-What-You-Can
Program type After School,Weekday
Meets Tuesdays, 5:30 Pm - 7:30 Pm4/25/2017-6/25/2017
Contact us Info@Uptownstories.Org
Deadline Jan. 23, 2019


Uptown Stories inspires kids to discover and develop their inner voices in a diverse community of writers. Based in upper Manhattan, we offer small-group writing workshops for children ages eight to fifteen, led by master teachers and professional authors. To ensure our workshops are accessible to all children, tuition is pay-what-you-can. Uptown Stories creates an exciting, challenging, and supportive community in which young authors thrive.


In this workshop, you can write whatever you want: personal memoir, screenplay, TV pilot, political manifesto, rock opera, sports investigation, epic poem, western comedy, horror-romance, spy-sci-fi, or some sort of strange, new thing, you’re not even sure what to call it. Whatever it is, you must write it fiercely and bravely, and that will mean writing at least two pages on your own time every week. We will spend the first few classes freewriting and brainstorming, diving into our memories, fears, beliefs, and desires to mine for material, then each student will choose a single project to focus on until the reading. The group’s job will be to work together to help each writer discover, develop, and complete his or her unique piece of writing.


This Is A Workshop For Advanced Students, Who Have Either Already Taken An Uptown Stories Workshop, Or Who Get Permission From The Teacher By Writing To Kate@Uptownstories.Org.