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Age 15-19
Cost Free
Program type After School, Weekend, Summer
Specific needs

Immigrant services

At risk, low income

Contact us Melissa.Johnson@Khanfoundationnyc.Org
Deadline June 6, 2017


Khan Foundation is an organization that strives to enrich the lives of low-income youth and rising professionals through college and career readiness.

Khan Foundation focus areas include:

Increasing access to college through promoting awareness of scholarships for low-incomes and undocumented students who have academically excelled, but are otherwise ineligible for financial aid.
Engaging and support women to achieve their highest potential in leadership roles and higher education opportunities.
Advancing the careers of high school and college students through the Khan Professional Network, a community that cultivates young achievers to promote mentorship and foster professional development

Khan Foundation works to achieve social equality for low-income communities through education, increased awareness of leadership opportunities and community empowerment.


Khan Foundation NYC believes that all young people should have an opportunity to apply to college, regardless of their personal backgrounds or financial statuses. For low-income and undocumented students, college access can be a challenging process--for some students even a far removed option. Khan Foundation understands the disparities in education that impact many low-income and undocumented students. According to a recent White House Report, Increasing College Opportunity for Low-income Students: Promising Models and a Call to Action (2014), some of the factors that affect this particular student population include: lack of consistent encouragement and exposure to college, lack of sufficient preparation (academic and test prep), and inadequate college counseling and awareness of effective strategies to obtain admission1. Therefore, the Khan Foundation College Access Program is dedicated to working with low-income and undocumented students to make college an attainable reality.

The Khan Foundation College Access Program will work closely with a group of 11th & 12th grade low-income and undocumented students and their families to help the students find, apply, and get into competitive colleges around the United States while helping them secure scholarships.

The Khan Foundation Team will provide assistance for students on how to research colleges, sufficiently complete and submit compelling applications for admission, apply for various sources of financial aid and scholarships, create strong resumes, and practice interview and networking skills which will guide them through the admission process and ensure that they successfully enter selective colleges with scholarships. Our goal is to increase the number of low-come and undocumented students accepted into selective colleges with scholarship/financial aid.

The list of provided workshops is as follows:
• College Research and Exploration
• Your Application Process
• My College Essay
• Making Connections
• Building Your Resume and Practicing Interview Skills
• Test Preparation and Planning
• Financial Aid and Scholarships. For many low-income and undocumented students, they will be the first in their family to attend college or one of few in their family to attend college due to financial constraints and limited access to federal and state financial assistance. That is why we believe financial restraints should not be limiting factors in young people’s education.

A White House Blog Report, Get the Facts on the Dream Act (2010), states that assisting students particularly undocumented students with college access “will have important economic benefits [nationally]” and “will make our country more competitive in the global economy.”2 Secretary of Education Arne Duncan explains that helping undocumented students go to college “[allows] these young people to live up to their fullest potential and contribute to the economic growth of our country.”2 Ultimately, Khan Foundation College Access Program believes that assisting low-income and undocumented students with college access not only benefits students and their families but also contributes to the New York City Metro area and our country’s economic and social advancement."


Low-Income And Undocumented New York City Full-Time High School Students