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Age 14-21
Cost Free
Program type Year Round, After School, Summer
Languages English, Spanish, Chinese
Gender M
Contact us Info@Bcny.Org
Deadline Sept. 18, 2017


To empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community


We offer a wide selection of recreation, sports, and fitness programs.

Non-Contact Boxing: Boxing teaches members classic boxing skills as well as fitness awareness and healthy lifestyle strategies.

Fitness: The Fitness program is focused on providing members with group and individualized fitness classes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program focuses on helping members improve their sports performance and body awareness and composition through strength and conditioning training.

Intramural Sports: BCNY offers a variety of intramural sports to junior and teen members. Through representative teams in basketball, baseball, football, rugby, track, and swimming, the intramural sports leagues allow members to compete in competitions both inside and outside of the clubhouses.

Game Room Association: Through the Game Room Association, members engage in friendly competitions within and across the clubhouses through foosball, pool, chess, and video games.

Karate: Through learning the movements and philosophy behind the art of Karate, members engage in harnessing power and exercising restraint while keeping active and engaged.

Yoga: Through guided instruction, members learn the different poses.

Teen Battle Chef: Juniors and Teens explore healthy eating habits, nutrition guidelines, and cooking with seasonal foods in the Teen Battle Chef program. Members gain knife skills, learn cooking techniques, and increase their knowledge of food safety while learning to cook a well-balanced meal.


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