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Age 13-21
Cost Free
Program type After School, Weekend
Meets Varies. Oct 2 - June 15.
Contact us Ifigueroa@Thepoint.Org
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THE POINT Community Development Corporation is dedicated to youth development and the cultural and economic revitalization of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx.


Teen Programming at THE POINT CDC promotes active healing. THE POINT programs are mission-driven, transformative, asset-based, leadership bound, safe and caring. Young adults from 13-21 years old can register for one or multiple free workshops throughout the year leading towards college and professional careers in the arts, activism, education and more. Program options include:

Black & White Photography
A collaborative program with the International Center of Photography, ICP at THE POINT teaches youth students the fundamentals of black-and-white photography. Students have access to THE POINT’s onsite black-and-white darkroom and Vantage Point Gallery. Registration ongoing. 10-week course, four times a year.

THE POINT’s Social Circus workshops offer young people 13 years and up an opportunity to learn a variety of circus disciplines including aerial, juggling, acrobatics, tumbling, clowning and more, all while building valuable life skills! As a part of THE POINT’s Cirque du Vie troop.

THE POINT’s Blank Plate program introduces teens to Culinary Arts and Design. Blank Plate is the creative culinary program that’s changing a neighborhood, one plate at a time. Young chefs learn food safety & handling, preparation techniques, plating, new recipes and how to prepare a large community meal and design a Hunts Point event for No Beef Thursdays!

Participants in the weekly Visual Arts Workshop join our Teaching Artist in Residence for a drawing & painting studio. Each week the group will engage in multidisciplinary arts activities exploring various artistic mediums and techniques.

(Audition required and ongoing) This is an exciting, professional, not-for-profit theater ensemble based company for adults and children serving Hunts Point and The Bronx.

With the guidance of our Teaching Artist in Residence Teens and Young Adults will have an opportunity for mentorship and professional development from a working artist. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to develop new artistic technique, create and present new work and be ready for High School and College Portfolio review. Participants will learn artistic techniques such as illustration, sculpture, printmaking, painting, composition and more!

THE POINT Music Ensemble & Production program is focused on teaching foundations of music theory, instrument proficiency & the psychological and emotional power of music. Participants are introduced to the basics of audio production including recording techniques and digital audio mixing.

Minds Empowered aims to create a safe space for women-identified, male-identified & gender non-conforming youth. We work to provide young people with a platform to express themselves freely and become change makers in their communities. Youth will be able to share their experiences through our quarterly zine, POP. Workshops will also cover topics such as social justice, body image, creative writing, graphic design and more. Together we will learn, grow, and heal.