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Weekend Developmental Basketball Clinics

Age 7-15
Cost $195, Per 5 Week Sessions.
Program type Weekend
Meets Saturday And Sundays For 5 Weeks
Contact us Info@Breakawayhoops.Com
Deadline Sept. 23, 2016

Weekend Developmental Basketball Clinics


We create a place where players of all ages and skill sets would be able to play enjoy the game of basketball in a fun and instructional atmosphere.


Weekend Developmental Clinics take place during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Seasons. They are geared towards beginner and intermediate level backsetball players ages 7-15 who have minimal playing experience, looking to learn the fundamentals of the game, need to get a better grasp of playing organized basketball.

Clinics focus on the basic core functions of the game such as passing, dribble, shooting. Heavy emphasis is placed on drill work.Towards the end of each clinic, 30 minutes is set aside for a controlled scrimmage. Participants will continually gain self confidence in their individual game


Both Male And Female Participants’ Ages 7-15 Are Eligible To Participant In All Clinics.