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Age 13-17
Program type Summer
Meets July & August 6 Weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am-3:30pm
Contact us Bcap@Bklynlibrary.Org
Deadline March 15, 2017


Brooklyn Cultural Adventures Program (BCAP) offers summer programs for kids that take advantage of the incredible resources of our six member institutions: Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Museum, Prospect Park and Prospect Park Zoo.


BCAPteen: Investigating the arts, nature, culture, and community through film.

BCAPteen Creative Leadership Project is a 6-week, full-day summer program for teens blending digital media & communications, personal & professional skills, and youth leadership through the lens of documentary filmmaking.

Over the course of the summer 20 teens earn a stipend and volunteer hours while becoming knowledgeable on our six partner institutions, building skills, producing creative work that reflects their interests, and contributing back to the BCAP community.

Our home base is BPL Central Library's beautiful new Shelby White and Leon Levy Information Commons learning lab, in partnership with the five other incredible cultural institutions on the BCAP Campus.


Who Should Apply? Teens Ages 13-17 With An Interest In... Producing Creative Projects Through Filmmaking Exploring 6 Awesome Cultural Institutions In The Heart Of Brooklyn Being A Leader And Role Model For Kids, Peers, And The Community Working As Part Of A Close-Knit Team Of 20 Peers Setting Goals For The Future And Achieving Them Being Creative, Having Fun, And Meeting Teens From Across The City Committing To Doing This For 6 Weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am-3:30pm