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Age 14-19
Cost Free
Program type Summer, Weekend
Meets Varies
Contact us Info@Collegegreenlight.Com
Deadline Rolling


Finding a college can be challenging for students who don’t have easy access to effective college admissions support and resources. The goal of College Greenlight is to make it simpler for first generation and underrepresented students to attend their best fit colleges.


One of the most important factors is in deciding if a college is right for you is whether or not you can picture yourself as a member of campus. For many students this means a campus visit. If the college isn’t nearby, however, traveling to visit the college might not be possible due to financial limitations. The good news is that several colleges offer free fly-in programs, travel assistance scholarships, overnight programs and diversity programming that comes at little or no cost to students accepted to their programs!

We provide a list of these fly-in, diversity, and other programs that are great opportunities for multicultural students. We continually update this list of fly-in programs as colleges announce their programs. Some colleges announce the dates for their fly-in programs in the spring, while other colleges do not announce the dates until later in the year. Be sure to check back frequently for updates.