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Age 13-24
Cost Free
Program type Summer, Weekend
Meets Weekends
Specific needs

At risk, low income


Contact us Info@Mythicbridge.Org
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Our core programming is a combination of weekend filmmaking and editing workshops, an 8-week summer program and shorter intensive workshops on specific technical aspects of filmmaking.


The Weekend Workshops are the foundation and most important part of the Mythic Bridge programming cycle. This is when the participants are initiated into the Mythic Bridge community and introduced to the art of filmmaking. Many of our participants have little to no experience developing and executing production of a short film, let alone working on a creative endeavor with a group of strangers. Consider then what a mind-blowing accomplishment it is for them to complete the program and have a number of fully produced short films to exhibit at our premier events.

The goal of the Mythic Bridge workshops are to ignite passion within the participants. Adolescence is a critical time for youth to develop their ‘image of self’, but without something to connect to and become passionate about, many youth fall into a period of restlessness or depression that leads to harmful behavior (acting out). If we can derail these negative behaviors by providing something to connect to, then we have succeeded. On the technical side, we are aware that it would be impossible to teach all the nuances of the filmmaking process in a weekend, but what we can do is give them a fully immersive hands-on introduction to the entire process and allow them to discover for themselves if this is something that they have an interest in pursuing. If they connect and decide that they want to continue their education, our community is here for them to explore that.

Day 1
The weekend begins by creating a safe, creative space to work in. Through the use of communication and trust building games we cultivate an environment of connectedness and break down the walls transforming strangers into collaborative partners. After setting the proper mood in which to create, the participants are broken down into smaller groups and paired with their mentors, local professionals in the film and television business, who guide the youth in the development of their story ideas. Using custom designed worksheets, each group cultivates an idea into a script. Once they have their script they embark on preproduction, including storyboards, movie poster, shot lists, prop/wardrobe lists, location scouting, casting and finally pitching their idea.

Day 2
On Sunday the participants shoot their films. Using equipment provided by Mythic Bridge, each of the kids gets an opportunity to ‘get their feet wet’ with all aspects of filmmaking (camera, lighting, audio and directing) We treat each participant as a professional adult so as to get the most authentic experience of life on set.