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Age 14-24
Cost Free
Program type After School,Summer
Meets Mondays-Fridays
Languages English
Contact us James@Reelworks.Org
Deadline Oct. 12, 2017


Reel Works provides free filmmaking programs for NYC Youth. Using a unique, one-on-one mentoring model, we challenge under served youth to tell their stories and have their voices heard. In turn, they build vital skills of literacy, leadership and self-confidence to create productive futures.


1. The Lab: The Lab is an intensive, six-month, after-school filmmaking workshop offered FREE to New York City teens. Each semester, we select 14 aspiring filmmakers who know they have an amazing story inside of them that they can’t wait to tell the world.

2. Gender Empowerment Groups (GEG): A space where young men and young women gather in affinity groups to talk about the issues that impact them in their teens and young adult years. GEG groups use various forms of art and media (visual arts, poetry, podcasts, movies, music, etc) to facilitate conversation. Both GEG groups are inclusive to those not on the gender binary. GEG groups meet once a week.

3. Adventure Time!: A mix of movie screenings, video game tournaments, field trips - anything that our youth identify as fun and educational. Adventure Time! events happen every 2nd and 4th Friday.

4. Reel Works Youth Council: Reel Works Youth Council aims to empower youth voice and provide youth with the opportunity to serve as leaders in the Reel Works community. Students make decisions on the types of field trips we attend, parties we throw, and other on-site events.


The Major Criteria For The Lab Is That You Are A Student Who Has A Story That You Want To Tell. Students Must Apply To The Lab Via The Reel Works Website.