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Wilderness, Leadership, Community…And Camping!

Age 14-18
Cost Sliding Scale
Program type Summer
Meets August 15th – August 25th 2017
Contact us Jennifer@Christodora.Org
Deadline Aug. 1, 2017

Wilderness, Leadership, Community…And Camping!


Transforming Lives through Environmental Education


Since its opening in 1981, Christodora’s Manice Education Center (MEC) has provided over 25,000 students with outdoor, leadership and environmental experiences. For most students, MEC offers a first opportunity to be immersed in the wilderness — the first mountain to climb, first river to paddle, first view of the constellations of stars.

The primary goals of MEC:

Introduce students to the world of nature, stimulating their enthusiasm for learning in an outdoors setting.
Nurture sensitivity to and understanding of the human place within natural ecosystems.
Foster students’ increased self-esteem and the development of their capacity for leadership, self-reliance and group cooperation.
Instill in students an appreciation for the natural world and the value of conservation in everyday life.
Help promote active participation and leadership in environmental stewardship and scientific inquiry.
Give students a chance to relax, unwind and HAVE FUN.